Torchlight II

Torchlight II 3.2

Torchlight II is an adventure, hack and slash, role playing game
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RPG games, including "hack and slash" ones, are very popular amongst gamers from all over the world. Names like Diablo, Lineage or Gods of War enjoyed a huge success and have already left their mark on the market. Torchlight II follows in the footsteps of its great predecessors, and can even easily rival the immensely popular Diablo 3.

Torchlight II is an adventure, hack and slash, role playing game, where you travel in a world filled with monsters and treasures to complete a series of quests. This game has some really well-designed graphics and, what’s even better, it is highly-optimized so it will run smoothly even on older computers.

In order to start playing Torchlight you will need to create your own character. You can choose among four classes of warriors (according to your gaming style), determine the gender of your character and make several appearance customizations.

The game-play system is very similar to other games of this genre. Once discovered, waypoints will allow you to teleport among various places on the world map, NPCs give you quests, sell you things or chatter when you click on them, and once you leave an area the monsters will respawn.

In Torchlight II you will enjoy a wide array of skills (each class has 30 possible choices) and a host of weapons and items that you can either buy from the merchants or find during your travels. A really interesting trait is that this game manages to somehow blend pistols, rifles and cannons with staffs, shields, swords or bows.

While playing Torchlight II I encountered a few surprises, which I actually liked. For instance, when you create your character, you will also choose a pet that will join you in your adventures. This helpful ally will follow you around, attack your enemies, carry items and even shop for you. Furthermore, clicking on fishing holes will trigger a mini-game where you will be required to press the mouse buttons at the right time in order to catch a fish. The trick is that those fishes are either valuable and can be sold, or they can transform your pet into other types of creatures for a short period of time.

Despite its great looking graphics and captivating game-play, the thing I like the most about Torchlight II, is the humor in the lines of the characters. In all seriousness, while testing it out, I spent about 3 minutes clicking on a horse because the pop-up dialogs were very funny and diverse, and not boring and repetitive as I would have expected.

In conclusion, Torchlight II is a game which I really enjoyed and that I definitely recommend. Even if you haven’t tried to play this type of games until now, this one might be worth making an exception, especially since it’s rather affordable and you can try it out for free.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • The graphics that the game offers are pretty good
  • Sometimes the lines are actually hilarious
  • It provides numerous skills and items
  • It offers a lot of video, audio and controls customization settings


  • I couldn't find any
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